After the Mistletoe season

I feel like I just returned from a Christmas break. Yeah I know technically the holiday season is just getting over, so I am back from that break. But when I was still a bratty teen in school, we used to have actual Christmas breaks for a fortnight. Schools only ofcourse, not offices like the ones I work in now. But it was fun.

I don’t remember recent winters in the city but then, it wasn’t too cold nor hot during the days. There were friends and games and Christmas cakes and sometimes presents and trees. And it was a nice break before exams and unlike summer where parents could whisk one away to various places, this was time for complete enjoyment. Summer was languid. Winter was chilled and fun. The other break in between was just that – in between.

‘Course  now, kids are lucky to get a 3-day break for Christmas and a week long for mid-term. And offices mostly frown upon longer breaks and make people work even on NewYears.

Maybe it is the long weekend, the excess of cakes, the shopping, the gifts, the music, the blues plus the laughter, the chilling out and family and friends, the vacation I took before Christmas, the near-empty office and the lack of noise… I just feel I’m back from Christmas vacation and somehow, it cheers me up.

Here’s to 2010.

The Song has to be Jingle Bell Rock.

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