Is it kinder to let somethings die? As we grow older, relationships, things, people and pets.. They all die. And maybe there is a reason for it.
With regard to relationships, someone once told me that if it breaks up, it means you’ve outgrown it. And u can never go back.
As i try to rebuild one such relationship, i wonder if it is possible to forget about how a person was completely? The good and bad. That u refuse to remember what their favorite food was even if you’ve shared it for 3 yrs. That u forget all the little moments. Become so brittle.
Or is it intent? Intently forget so you can hurt the other person. After all, the worst enemies are your oldest friends.
And is it possible to be a close buddy to someone n yet not have even close to a complete image abt them. Relationships. Minefields are safer. Know when to cut the thread.

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