Lifestyle Change

This basically arose from an argument I was having with a friend a while ago. He argued that I will not be able to live off lesser money than what I’m currently earning. I thought I could… I mean money has never meant been so important to me and I believed ‘job satisfaction’ was more important to me than money. In other idealisitc words, I would be okay with working for lesser money as long as the job was something I loved and the money was enough to fulfil my basic needs.

So yesterday, after a ‘decadent’ evening… well it was a movie, lunch+dinner with friends where I spent close to about 1200 bucks… I began wondering what I would have to give up if I had a job like that.

1. Rs.1000/head dinners on weekends:
– Yeah there have been times when I’ve spent more… Italian dinner with a good glass of wine. Or for that matter…

2. Expensive pubs and clubs:
– Where a drink would cost about 300 bucks, while something similar would cost about half that in a slightly cheaper place. It is lucky that I’m not a heavy drinker but still… two drinks or more would set me back by a grand or more.

3. Cofi at special cafes:
– Do I sound like I’m harping about food? I do spend a lot of time eating and at cafes, hanging out with friends. And true, cafes are never cheap in Bangalore. I remember the time when I’d really be pissed to pay almost as much or more for a coffee here as I would at Starbucks. But there you go! And for sheesha… so friends would have to settle for meeting me at slightly lower-end cafes and restaurants and pubs where beer is sold by the pitcher for 80 bucks.

4. Weekend peak hour movies:
– Now outsiders may not be aware but watching a movie in Bangalore is expensive business. For starters, you’ve different price slabs depending on the time and day you are watching a movie. Like weekday, pre-afternoon movies cost about 100 bucks or cheaper. Weekend tickets start only by 300 bucks per head and go up to 500 for a really good movie which is called ‘movie of the week’. And then you’ve popcorn and coke, which easily adds up another 300 bucks. Like a friend said, watching a movie with your girlfriend/boyfriend one weekend can easily run a small family in the city.

5. No more designer brands:
– I’m not a brand person. I don’t consider Levis, Reebok, CK an indulgence. That would be Davidoff, Prada and such things which I still don’t buy. Okay maybe Davidoff. And would I have to give up all that? Maybe those expensive perfumes I buy… I’ll have to settle for an awesome smelling deo instead (if there is any such thing)

6. No more buying movie DVDs:
– Download is the word, baby 😦

7. Fewer concerts – so you pick, choose and use up savings.

8. Using the bus and other forms of public transport:
– Now I do have to make a point that i’ve a car and a bike. Yet i end up taking cabs to avoid the traffic and parking hassles. So i cud just take my bike. Even with fuel, i’ll be saving money.

9. Fancy creams and lotions.. Or this cud be basic woman’s right to feel good 🙂

there are other things.. Flowers and chocolates bought impulsively for me or for someone else, random pastries.. But i wudn give them up regardless of my financial situation. Its called living.

A friend says i cud save money if i simply cut down on travel. Might as well die! Plus the dream job wud involve travel, so..

Song of the day gotta be – money to blow – Birdman

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