Sherlock Holmes

Sleek. Typical Guy Ritchie. Completely owned by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Except do not try to match the idea of you’ve of Sherlock Holmes from the book with the guy on screen. Watch it as a movie about a guy named Holmes and his friend, Watson, and you will simply love the movie.

There are shades of the book-Holmes… in slightly exaggerated version. The humor is more sharper, more evidently sarcastic (perhaps to drive home the point to idiots), Watson is a lot more sexier and present than in the book, where he is more of a sounding board than with any particular charms of his own. Holmes does remain the same eccentric character portrayed in the book… with a lot more elan.

But once you manage to forget that this is the same guy you have read about, then the movie is fun. The boxing scenes strangely remind me of Snatch, and the grubby England of a movie I can’t recollect right now.

I’ve been reading reviews that the movie was damp and that the relationship between Watson and Holmes borders on gayness. I guess it is just the sign of a successful movie that such rumors arise. More such nonsense rumors, more successful it is. I loved watching the interaction with the two guys…

And for some reason, forming coherent sentences is beyond me today. so I shall stop this review right now.

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