Shopping is good for the soul, they say. But they do not think of us whose mind is racked with guilt after you return from a successful shopping spree. The thudding of the heart when you think of the impending credit card bills and the low numbers in your bank account. I wish I could be like whatsherface in Confessions of A Shopaholic and throw away all my bills without even opening them. I know there are bill dodgers out there. And I would like to ask them how they do it. But my parents raised me the wrong way… they imbibed bad qualities such as to pay my bills on time etc. Except I fell asleep the day they tried to teach me about the value of savings and hence, the problem.

But it was a good day… if Bangalore weren’t such an expensive city, it would’ve been beautiful. I have a stack of magazines to read through, a bunch of new clothes to get stitched (though I have a feeling I would never be wearing them).

Life feels like it is on the verge of something and I am getting incredibly impatient for it to happen. (Is it is a sign that just as I write that my lights started to flicker?)

People are getting married everywhere around me and I guess I make mean jokes about it cuz something’s happening there. Oh and all the gifts they get… though I am not sure if I want to end up with a million tea sets and a dozen wall clocks. I remember this birthday… when I was about 5 I think… when I got about a dozen balls. Different sizes but plastic balls. Why everyone thought a ball was the right gift for a 5-year old girl is beyond me.

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