Fashion Talk

I visited one of my favorite fashion sites after a long time – Jack & Jil. And it left me a little nostalgic, a little frustrated and a little envious again.

The nostalgia is for the time in Italy… probably the only time where I was so super wowed by the women uniformly. Boots and trench coats make a statement no one can miss. And Italian women would probably give up… well not pasta… but they would not give up those kick-ass boots and coat.

The frustration is for the sheer lack of fashion here. Yeah we’ve our share of fashion shows and all of that but where are the shoes that make me drool and buy them regardless of the knowledge that my feet will weep for misery. Where are those dresses that raise eyebrows? Where are the women who wear them on the street?

That is what is missing – street fashion. Sheer, clear nerve to wear something that most people wouldn’t think about. Perhaps it is the conservative society or the fact that generally Indians are not as adventurous, even our most daring fashion falls short of what I saw in Italy or even in Australia, where they aren’t that fashion conscious (in the tourist city that I visited. Not Melbourne. Melbourne is heaven!)

Of course, I’ve never really attended one of the fashion weeks in forever. And I don’t care about that. i want to see people dressed weirdly on the street!

And I never really realise how skinny those models are till I saw this picture –

How does she live? Is she alive? This is when I really begin to think there is some truth in what all those activist groups keep saying about ‘portraying a wrong image’.

I never really thought that people would be influenced by those skinny models… for one, you don’t get size 0 clothes in normal stores. But apparently, girls do starve themselves willingly to be like this.

And that reminds me… I need new jeans. 😦 Nightmare finding that perfect pair of jeans.

Song of the day: Avril – Sk8r Boi

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