Mile Sur Bollywood aur kiska?

How many of you have caught the new “mile sur mera tumhara” video?

For the unenlightened, this was the video shot sometime in the 80s or 90s for national integration. Every kid that was born in India before 1990 is aware of the video. Infact, most of us get a little nostalgic as it would play on DD aka Doordarshan, the government channel – which was the only channel in the pre-cable times. We all could hum it… and it sorta made you feel good as well when you saw all these people running with the Olympic torch and people of all states in their ethnic wear and singers, sportspeople, movie stars and all popular faces appeared in it.

And now the new one… Should I link it? Should I really give that video more attention? After all, it is promotion for Bollywood, which please note – IS NOT INDIA ALONE!

Who made this video? Which idiot thought a bunch of movie stars – majority of them being from Bollywood – would represent the diversity, the beauty, the culture of India? And most of those people from Bollywood could not look more fake and annoying… Aishwarya – what was she trying to portray? Love, beauty, any emotion? deepika standing in the middle of a river… in a yellow short DRESS? Salman could not keep his shirt on even to pay attention to some dumb children. Zakir Hussain and Amaan and Ayaan were given a moment. Where are the sports people? I know we don’t have a strong sports segment but excuse me? Sachin? Ganguly? Baichung Bhutia? Dhanraj Pillai?

And the representation of EAST INDIA???? Did anyone remember them? Like they don’t hate the rest of India enough already!! The video runs 10 minutes long. And it doesn’t show ANY state in any recognizable manner. It shows no diversity. And the soldiers of our country get about 10 seconds in the end.

Ironically, these are the faces our generation is supposed to identify with. Well, I identified them. Identify with? I still prefer the video I grew up with… which made me proud… gave me a glimpse of the parts of India I was not aware of. Not this piece of crass self-promotion.

And in protest, as well as a tribute to the old singers and the continuing diversity of India, the song of the day: Mile sur mera tumhara – the golden original

(And if you still want to see the new one, check it out on YouTube and lemme know which sounds better. Apart from Mr.Rahman, I think we’ve even lost good composers and wonderful singers… or they have just blatantly been ignored)

Edit: I read an article today (30th Jan) about how Priyanka Chopra was super excited about the video which she considered her ‘baby’ and wanted to be here for the ‘launch’ but couldn’t so she kept updating her webpage. Either she saw what a piece of crap it was and ran away as far as physically possible and her PR person gave it the best spin possible, or she is really really stupid to believe people would watch her in her vain attempt to portray ‘India’. Ms. Chopra, as hot as you may be, you do not depict India or Indian women alone. If I had to pick a representative for Indian women, it would be Sushmita Sen (who btw, wasn’t in this video was she?)

4 thoughts on “Mile Sur Bollywood aur kiska?

  1. Classic version for me all the way. Just checked new version on youtube, and it was most retarded thing I have ever seen from beginning to end (I wanted to stop it in couple of minutes). I miss ‘ek chidiya anek chidiya’ too. I guess it is just reflection of how society and current generation has no understanding art what so ever, and they will buy anything that bollywood has to offer. I was talking about music with Ishan yesterday that most of the songs on billboard lately has no meaning to offer. Singers don’t play instruments or write lyrics, anyone can be singer with vocal enhancer. I mean look at Ke$sha’s Tik Tok, what meaning has it got to offer any how?


    1. The point here is NO ONE is buying this video. Everyone i’ve met so far hates it. Everyone thinks it is jus crass commercialisation. They have the same words n the same music but it is so meaningless! but it definitely shows how much of a bubble the actors live in and how egoistical they are that they really believe that people wud want something like this.


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