The iPad – iWant?

And the second big news in my world today… Apple iPad.

What is with the name? Snow Leopard, iPad… what next? Anyway… why is there so much hype about Apple? Ever since I’ve been following the stock, other than merely the products, I notice how much hype there is about their one little day when they unveil new products. And everytime, people seem to be disappointed.

Has Apple set such high standards for themselves that they end up not meeting them? Apple was started for the niche crowd. The ones who appreciated interfaces as much as what was inside. High performance was the mantra. And then they started branching out… they came out with iPod which to me revolutionized the world of music. Perhaps there were digital mp3 players and to be honest, those players ARE more convenient. You do not need a computer to charge and load them with songs and whatever else. Even Microsoft’s Zune has its own appeal. Yet iPod was the in thing. What attached the coolness factor? The whole thing about being a part of the niche crowd? Perhaps…

Then more innovations happened… and as Apple had already said they were special and different and put this whole aura of secrecy about what was happening in their labs, as opposed to Microsoft who had a lot of windows into development… there was enough hype for the new phone. I mean if APPLE was doing the phone, it was expected to be something straight out of a sci-fi movie. And despite a little bit of discontent – most of which people weren’t willing to voice out loud cuz hey! this was Apple after all – the fad caught on. Touch phones were in, despite the complaints about  non-removable batteries, bad cameras and all of that. There were phones out there which could do all of that but none of them were packaged so well.

And Apple fixed the mistakes in the next edition. And then fixed some more mistakes in the next one. And their iPods kept getting better… so better that the latest one included a pedometer. So people could listen to music and count the steps they took listening to music. And considering a lot of people listened to music while they jogged, that was a good idea. And if something interesting caught their attention while jogging, they could even take a short video of it. and then there was the wi-fi so you could read your news and listen to music. Okay, it is quite groovy… particularly in that really sleek shell.

But they can’t keep pushing on the benefits of one products. They had to surprise people… so they watched yet another sci-fi movie and said “ooh wouldn’t it be cool if we came up with a much lighter, one-sided, touch screen laptop?” They already had the thinnest laptop – which didn’t have a CD drive cuz that was like a size 0 model… you can either have size 0 and or boobs and ass. So you either have a thin laptop without the frills or you have a nice, traditional one with all that you want and strong enough to beat up any mugger. (just kidding!)

And honestly, I was zipped. Though it sounds like i’m bitching here, I love Apple. I am waiting to save up enough money to buy a Mac and a new iPod (I put mine in the washing machine along my sweat shirt but that’s a story for another day… though I should mention it survived). And I was wondering if buying the tablet would be good? And then they showed what it was and honestly? It looks like a glorified iphone!!!!

Yeah perhaps I had too much of expectations. I expected something like a real laptop (minus the CD drive of course) with all the connections and frills. but 64 GB flash drive? Okay I honestly dont know the answer to that one… so some please help.

Why am I disappointed? I am not really sure… It is sexy… and I know despite all the complaints, Apple will sell enough and more to keep investors happy. But… what is missing? And what happened to the ebooks story? wasn’t this supposed to sort of kick Kindle’s ass? It does in a way… it looks like Kindle. Only sleeker. and I could even probably get used to typing on it…

But why does Apple initially disappoint and then gather strength? I wait for the day they will come up with a holo key pad. Or something like that. If anyone can do it, it is Steve Jobs and Apple. Whatever faults Jobs might have, the man is a creative genius.

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