Adieu Mr.Salinger

He wrote only 3 books of which I’ve read one and a half. And the one that I have read is among  my all my favorites.

I read that when I was perhaps… 15? And I promptly fell in love with Holden Caulfield’s character. Every time I do read the book, I turn into Caulfield. I feel the whole world is phony and everyone is horsing around. It is depression… it is an extreme disassociation and peace with the world. It is a little relieving and a little annoying… relieving because I don’t give a shit about anything and this usually occurs at the time when I actually should be caring about something which will come to bite me back in the ass later.

3 books and utter fame. Actually, it could be one book and utter fame because i didnt appreciate Franny and Zooey that much… and I’ve never managed to get a copy of Nine Stories. Why is Holden Caulfield so popular? I don’t know. Perhaps he represents everything that we dislike but do not have the guts to say so. Everything we think is phony – the way people talk to each other and say “we shall definitely meet up”, the way people fuss about unimportant things, the way people do not really care about anything… Yeah I liked him for his honesty. Because I would rather wonder what happened to the ducks in the pond than how much money some fake guy I just met earns. It was the love-hate relationship I had with the world.

The only other book that caught me so hard was To Kill A Mockingbird. Eternally beautiful. I never read the Diary of Anne Frank so many times. But I loved these books. I picked up Watership Down because Caulfied liked it in the book and I liked that too. There was something so strong and beautiful about those rabbits.

I even found this book called The Scarecrows… not sure if it was courtesy Caulfield or I just came across it at the same time. But that book depressed and scared me so much that I’d to reread all the nice books mentioned before to get rid of the image. Then I hid that book so bloody deep in the pile of books that I’ve not been able to find it again (I think I blocked it from my mind).

But here is to a man who perhaps wrote about himself and then hated writing it… Here is to a man who captured that perfect love-hate relationship with the world and was not scared to call the world a phony.

R.I.P Mr. Salinger

Song of the day: (I am trying to remember the album he goes searching for his sister  but I draw a blank… hence…) So… here is about being watched by the world

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