I’ve got a fair number of hits on this blog since I started it. More accurate hits than the little counter I had on my blogger account, which would include my own numerous dips in the account while i was doing things like changing template etc. And while that really really encourages me, I wonder how many people are actually reading me?

Do people hang around here long enough to read a post or two or just long enough to realise that this wasn’t what they were looking for and go elsewhere? The stat counter doesn’t tell me if you read what I was writing or if you liked/hated what I wrote.

Perhaps we should have a little button saying “like/dislike/love”. Facebook has made us all more lazy so all people have patience for is to simply click yet another link. Or I am just not interesting enough to comment *worst nightmare coming up*

So the point here is simple – let me know you are reading me! Gimme some motivation to write on the days I don’t feel narcisstic enough!


Moving on to other things… Weekend’s here and the week’s never been longer! (Did i say that last week too?) I realised that though I love people reading me and like my old blogger followers to read me here (hugs), I realised I didn’t want everyone who followed my photoblog to be able to read this too. Anonymity, at least for a while, was the purpose. Anyhoo… I started the “Face for the week” on my photoblog and I started with mine. Well, I did start with a friend’s but as he was only visiting for a couple of days and is extremely unreliable, I just took a couple for the weekend.

And so far, its been fun but exxxxxxxxtremely annoying because everyone who has looked at it says “ooooh you look hot!”. Usually, I like to be called hot. I’ve been labeled ‘cute’ most of my life, so Hot is a good change. Except when I am trying to do something artistic and they think saying “you look hot” is a compliment. What about the rest of the features of the photo? Anybody ask me about lighting, the purpose, where I took that? And to note, most of them all of them have been guys saying that and when I glare at them… they revert too “ooh yeah the photo looks blah blah”. Why do guys think all a woman needs to hear is that she looks hot? There is a time and place for that. If you guys think all it takes to score with a woman is to say she looks hot, you are in for a long, cold run.

Remember the movie Hitch? He got somethings right – listen, respond, react. Do not patronize. Women have brains and it usually reacts really bad to a “you are hot” comment about her work.

Song of the day: So What – Pink

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