Bloody Hell

I swear a lot. On an average, I use several shits, bloody, hell and fucks in an hour. And sometimes I do tone it down – like around my parents or kids. But I decided a little while ago that I should swear a little less. Simply because I can.

(Several people have advised me in the past that I should clean up my language. And then they ruined it by saying “it isn’t nice for a girl to swear so much” which only made me say “why the fuck shouldn’t a girl bloody swear?” It definitely pisses me off when people start making such sexist comments. The whole ‘girls should be demure and should achieve anything that they want gracefully and quietly but  not overstep their bounds yap yap yap’ bit which I never understood anyway)

So when I’d to call my  customer care for some reason, I was nice and polite (though this is when I really really get mad). And when they said they can’t do something because of the way their system was designed, I asked him to please note down my feedback that their customer service system is really bad (note – I did not say sucks). And after a lengthy monologue on his end, I repeated the statement. On which he simply cut the call on me.

I called back and this time the guy requested my name when I explained what happened and asked to speak to a supervisor. He asked my name and I refused to give it to him. And then he said “bloody then keep the phone” and cut the call again.

So I called right back, threw my little resolution out of the window and told the idiot to tell put me on to his supervisor. A few expletives later, he apologized and I told him to tell his asshole friends is they were sitting next to him, that I would be lodging  a complaint. I do know that Airtel has a million customers but when they start banging the phone down on a customer, I wonder how long they’ll survive in this market with so many new competitors.

Now to the second part of the story… despite all my swearing… I never use certain words – most of them derogatory to women, be that in english or hindi. I didn’t think it was to do with woman but calling someone an asshole in neutral. But calling someone a cunt… or a slut… it sounds really horrifying. And makes me wanna slap anyone who does use it.

Why is a woman who sleeps around called a slut and  a guy just called nothing? Why are there so many derogatory synonyms for the c-word? Now a Bitch… that’s okay. I am a bitch sometimes. So is everyone else… and I would be on if anyone dared to use the c-word on me, no matter the circumstance… Do people really think using those words make them seem cool or above whatever?

Song of the day: Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre ( I  just feel peppy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bloody Hell

  1. Very true dude, reminds me to tone down my language, and probably start humbly apologizing when my tongue is off the leash :). As a matter of fact I am strong believer a person in general resorts on swearing to get his/her point across when (s)he does not have articulated cohesive argument. But again a friend of mine reckons its necessary to swear in order to clearly express yourself (at times).


  2. I do agree with the friend. Sometimes unconscious usage of a few swear words actually indicate how strongly you feel about it. At the same time, it is bloody easy to find someone who it throwing in swear words for the sake of it.


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