The Day…

5 bucks in pocket. A  mountain of bills to pay. A brain that’s not exactly functioning up to par.

That was pretty much me yesterday. How does a day that start so normal end up being surreal? I started out to meet a friend, had a nice lunch, ended up at work 15 minutes late, worked on a nice story.

That was where the puzzle started… I couldn’t get a grip on the story. There were conflicting things throughout. When I called someone for an interview, I was pretty much reading out lines of a script. I could feel myself being semi-incoherent. I could tell the guy was a little puzzled because I’ve been speaking to him for over two years now and they get sense of how good or bad you are and your style of speaking. I finished the story, I started reading an article about Toyota and mid way I realised that I should also be on the wire. For the first time ever, I completely had forgotten about it. 5 minutes but still… So I got  back on the line…

On my way i realised I’d misplaced 250 dollars and nearly panicked. It was in my pocket when I last checked and now it wasn’t. Bloody hell! I searched and searched, called up people to check at work and made them also panic when I finally found it on the floor of my car.

I get home and I realise I have replied to several messages people had sent me during the day and i don’t exactly remember sending some of the messages.

That probably explained the psychotic headache where I could barely walk or keep my eyes open.

When I finally managed to fall asleep, I was woken up by some steady tapping noise. Like someone was bouncing a ball but it wasn’t so steady. Unable to open my eyes and go out and check, I called my brother sleeping in the next room. “chill! It is just the dog! Go to bed” he said.

The headache’s not gone. But the feeling on surrealness has. Amen.

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