In Limbo

Restlessness is in the air.

Perhaps it is a natural result of all the excitement over the weekend. The beautiful wedding, the city… can I live there? I don’t know. But I liked the city. Or I simply liked the fact that something was happening. So now the high wears off, friends are off on their honeymoon, people are  back to their lives and i’m wondering what I want to do.

There were several more invites in my inbox when I got back to town. None as close as the one I just attended but this is like… an epidemic which is spreading faster. I even thought for a minute “do i want to get hitched”. The answer clearly came back “NO”.

Marriage means settling down… most of the time. I like my saturday night outs, the quiet evenings at home, the laziness, people who understand me, the flirting with new people and new possibilities. And till I meet the one who makes me want to give it all up, I don’t see the point of just letting it all go for… tradition? Because the society wants it? Because everyone else is doing it? Not good enough reasons.

Perhaps this is just a drop out effect of another friend in the blues. Silly me, such things do get to me and piss me off.

Anyway, there is the long weekend… which means finally clearing up tasks I let pile up, watching nice new movies and spacing out. I am not going to think of old relationships gone by or broken.

In Limbo.

Song of the day: Count ‘Em

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