The weekend and a long weekend at that with Valentine’s Day just sandwiched in between. I hate V-Day. The whole mushiness of the whole is a bit of a turn off… of course I wished for my share of roses in college and usually ended up getting one or two… Being the buddy doesn’t earn you many roses in college.

And when I really started getting the roses, I realised I didn’t like them. Nor the teddy bears cuz I hate soft toys. I’d happily take the chocolates though. Around this time, a movie “Dil toh pagal hai” released starring some of the biggest names of that era – SRK, Madhuri Dixit and Karishm Kapoor. And it had all those typical Bollywood ideas – ‘someone somewhere is made for you’ and till the guy came along to buy her stuff, the heroine was quite happy buying it for herself. Perhaps an excuse for women to buy chocolate to pig out on, but it sure started a trend!!!


It is way too hot today to anything but sit in the shade and drink iced tea endlessly. Where did spring go? How did winter directly turn to summer? And yet, this doesn’t feel like summer… it isn’t the slow heat of the day when you sit under a fan and eat mangoes and watch old movies on TV. Summer was lazy afternoons, mangoes, games in the evening, cold lime juice and tender coconut. Summer was when you heard the koel outside your window (even in a city) and you knew school was nearly out. There was the anticipation of vacations and the tension of exams. Endless days plotting what to do during two long months, reluctance to go home even for lunch, sitting on little mud hills dreaming… scarred knees, scabs, sweaty clothes and dirt across the face.

Summer was travel. Summer was cousins. Summer was cold milk and all the snacks you can steal.

But the point is – it aint summer yet and yet the sun beats down on us.

Summer is two measly days squeezed inbetween 5 days of torture, an hour spent in planning to make those two days last, a mojito on a roof top restaurant, juggling schedules for movies and meeting. Summer is reluctance to go out in the heat and sit at home, endlessly facebooking and reminiscing over gchat.

Song of the day: Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

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