Flying; Indian Youth

So apparently Southwestern Airlines requires fat people to buy two tickets… least did a year ago. Now, they require ‘special’ seats, whatever they are, or they simply chuck you out of the plane.

In an age where people go out of their way to be politically correct, here is this airline being as cheeky as possible. Yes, we’ve all struggled through cramped seats, fights for armrests and flights with the beautiful odor of the person next to you. It is called ‘economy class’ for a reason. So which moron would complain about not having enough arm space in economy? Or even in business class at some point.

I do have one question though – if fat people are supposed to buy two tickets, then do skinny people get half tickets?

Honestly, how is this airline getting away with this in a country where consumer courts rule?


I was talking to this guy who hails from a little town in Central India. His english isn’t that great and he quite accepts that he’d never seen women wearing skirts out of movies till he came to this city. And he also accepts that drinking is considered ‘bad’ in his town. Of course, all the men spend their evenings at the local bar but the young unmarried guy… it just isn’t done for him to be seeing knocking back a few with his friends on a weekend – which is exactly what he does here.

Drinking here is both a compulsory social activity every weekend plus entertainment.

“We get together weekends and we drink,” he said.

I wonder how drinking went from being a social evil to… this. I’m not sure what this is but it is really weird for people to drink like fishes simply because and after college.

This guy’s roommate’s girlfriend and friends also join in and he finds it quite normal for girls to drink. However, women in his town don’t drink. It isn’t a social question to him. It is just unfathomable. And he won’t drink or smoke either when he goes back to visit.

Sumit is the poster boy for many of the young people in India who live quite easily with a foot in two boats – a traditional boat where they follow the rituals and traditions “because it is our culture” and quite guilt-lessly follow their lifestyles of drinking and smoking here.

The conversation ended there but I wonder what will happen when he comes to the threshold of marriage. He would marry someone his mother picks from his little town and she could be living in two boats or she’ll just stay with her husband on one boat and allow him to dance free on the other. For women, the dancing on two boats happens for a much shorter while than the men.

I’d a friend in college who dated quite a few guys and was even half in love with one. “It is only till I graduate and then I have to get married, so lemme enjoy” she laugh. The guy in question was crazy right back about her but he was Christian and given her type of family “they’d probably kill us but won’t let us marry” she said.

This was in a city. Not your little hidden away towns in the north. Is India really progressing or are we just finding yet another ‘adjustment’ to enjoy our vices which will eventually crash on our heads?

Song of the day: Talli Hua

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