12 hours is how long I slept today. I meant to go out but every time I woke up there would be a bunch of messages waiting saying ‘plans canceled’. So I watched a few  bad movies and went back to bed, till I got so sick of sleeping, I dragged a friend out to eat chaat. And eat I did… so much that the guy at the counter was wondering what on earth was wrong with us. He would tentatively ask “would you like that to take away?” when we would order yet another plate of something. And there was a whole bunch of college kids who stopped nudging each other about two pretty girls and my big-ass camera and started nudging about how much we were eating.

My bed is covered with ants, ironically, due to the fresh laundry I did. I dumped it on the bed and somehow one shirt is covered with ants that decided to crawl all over my bed and bite me through the night.

There is an all night music fest happening in the city and I’m wondering WHY I am not there. Oh I know why – because everyone I was supposed to go with CANCELLED! I wanted to go to a concert forever and here is one – all night in a city that shuts down at the cindrella hour – and i’m at home, awake at 2 AM. More, there are all the moronic people I know at the concert, or are calling me for directions. WTF.

I want a carton full of icecreams, strawberries and cream. I want a pile of books and time to stretch endlessly so I can do all the things that I neglected to do today.

Song of the day: Pirates of the Carribean (

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