How Much Does Google Rule You?

Me – Absolutely!

I got my first email account when email was still catching up. During the time when email invites had to be sent. I actually started off with Yahoo, unlike many people whose primary account used to be Hotmail.

And then I shifted to Google and there I stayed till one day Google locked me out stating “Your account seems to be sending a lot of spam. We have locked your account temporarily while we sort this out” or some such thing. There was no definition about ‘temporary’ and I flipped. All my contacts, all my mails – my whole fricking life was in that mail account. Which is when I got wise, created another account and learnt things like backing up, auto-forwarding etc.

Of course, google still remains primary. It is a verb. And they are slowly taking over the world, as conspiracy theorists put it.

And then I discovered blogger… so they have all my pictures and thoughts. And then there was Google Reader – where you can pull in all the information you read on the web and read it in ‘one place’ (find it a little chaotic actually). So google now knows what you like to read. Google also knows what you read more and what you read less and what you just subscribe to but usually mark “read”.

Then there is Picassa – with all the possible pictures you shot, your aunt shot and you downloaded… searching out every single bit on your computer (and how many actually log into settings to say ‘do not scan this folder’)

And now, Chrome – which I think is a sleek browser. And then they’ve Google itself – the original search engine – which knows whatever you key in to search. I have absolutely lost the effort to research about anything. Actually research is wikipedia and reading all the results on google (well, some!). And googling addresses, areas, looking at streets on the google street viewer,  google earth – which can find people standing on any corner of any corner street (they are watching you right now!).

And yeah now do not forget the google phone. Including an app that will allow you to voluntarily tell the world where you are standing right now. I’m a little glad it isn’t available anywhere but in the US.

However, I am dying for google voice. Of course, they get your phone number and everything else then too… but for cheaper international calls and stuff like that, who cares. I mean they know everything about me already.

It should perhaps make me paranoid how much they own me. I cannot imagine life with google and I was wondering what would happen if tomorrow google said I would have to pay for all these services. I would perhaps pay. Like I would for the google operating system when it comes out.

As paranoid as I am, I am also super lazy. And the one touch integration makes it so simple. Bookmark, read, mail, dream, write.

It is a little freaky. What about you?

Song of the day: Made in India – Alisha

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