End of Week!

The week’s over. Well, almost.

Next week, for the first time since I joined work, I will be working the same hours as most of this country. Which means traffic jams, too many people, driving myself to work, waking up early!!! but most of all evenings free free free!

I’ve not had work evenings free in more than two years technically. I worked my way through uni as a waitress, which naturally meant evenings were gone. But they were only two or three days a week and I lived with friends. So I could wrap up work and go out for a midnight drink, clubbing, midnight drives or just chill out on the balcony or the beach.

I know these next few days will not be like that. I living at home again, and I live in a much more crowded place which shuts at midnight. And it is huge, with everyone I know working much worse hours. Plus, given the crazy traffic, nobody really wants to drive an inch more than they have to. So evenings will probably be spent at home, watching my neighbour’s garden (a little fact that makes me happy with my usual work timings).

I wonder how it would be if i were working similar hours in a different place? Would I still do the chilled lifestyle? Probably. It is different living alone. I could pour myself a glass of wine and sit outside, because if I were living alone, it would be a high rise apartment with a balcony. Or I would go out to meet friends for a late dinner. Or have friends over. But it wouldn’t be all that romantic either because hey! we are all working people now and it changes things.

Song of the day: Men at work – Land Down Under

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