Karthik Calling Karthik

How do you run away from yourself? Karthik gives it a good shot.

And though he takes his time about it, the movie is funny enough to keep you interested till the end, with some nail-biting moments to make up for the ones where you wish you could rush through.

A loner, quiet, shy guy is bullied around by the boss, the colleague, the landlord and even the office peon. His psychiatrist – who is really ineffective even to look at – can’t really get to him to break out of his shell and her analysis of “stop blaming yourself for the death of your bully brother. it was an accident” sort of falls flat. You don’t tell a patient “stop acting this way and do this”. The movie has such tiny holes… places where the script falls flat… but Farhan Akthar pulls it through.

Here is yet another guy who doesn’t make you think he’s acting. He seems to be the character… the shy boy… bullied and hating it but not able to say a word. And the phone call from Karthik that changes who he is. Perhaps the transformation does occur too fast but hey! it is only a 2.20 hour movie and there is plenty to be told.

So he transforms into the cool, whiz kid, who knows how to handle people… all helped by that phone call everyday at 5 AM from himself. (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

Of course he doesn’t believe it is himself calling him. So he goes to phone exchange and checks out the records but there are no records. So he asks the caller questions which might seem banal to you but it all falls into place later. There are subtle analogies placed in the movie which were perhaps not needed but it makes that ‘click’ so much more satisfying when it all unfolds right.

So he is the cool guy, he gets the cool office, he gets the girl – Deepika – over whom he’s been obsessing over for two years. He writes mails to her but saves them as drafts instead of sending, and she finds it touching instead of running screaming “stalker!”. But the girl has issues… being dumped by men who just like to use her for fun, she’s a bit of a security issue so a guy who loves her that much is welcome. And it is absolutely so reliving to finally see Deepika act. She isn’t a natural but there are scenes where you could almost jump through that. At least you are not being distracted from what could’ve been a great scene by her woodenness. The girl could perhaps turn out be really good someday.

So now everything’s in place, Farhan starts unraveling it. Just by being his innocence self. Because through the transformation, he still has his innocence. So he is just a little to honest when she tells him “no lies”. He tells her about the phone from himself to himself every night, though the phone himself had explicitly told him never to mention it to anyone. She flips, tells him to visit a psychiatrist and leaves.

Turns out the phone calls are real after all… and the guy on the phone is really pissed at Karthik because he had warned the boy not to tell anyone but the existence of the voice on the phone. So now he starts destroying Karthik’s life, which is surprisingly easy to do because he knows all about Karthik’s life. And so Karthik tries to run from himself, which is an interesting experiment.

After all, how do you run from someone who knows you inside out, cannot be seen and could quite possibly be inside you or your shadow. And it seems for a while, he almost succeeds. But then the phone calls return.

I like the explanations of the movie. It is sleek… It makes you take a wary glance at your phone to check if it works alright. And hope it doesn’t ring at the wrong time.

It could’ve been a little faster but not a little racier. It is funny, cute, serious and freaky. And yeah, Farhan – serious hottie!!! And hey! There is actually chemistry between Deepika and him!!! Switch off your mobile phones, disconnect your landlines and watch Karthik calling himself.

Song of the day: Uff teri ada – My fav one from the movie

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