Save The Tigers Project

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there are only 1411 tigers left in India. Actually, considering how many regions tigers are found in rest of the world, the overall global population of tigers is probably less than 10,000.

So we got the message – save the tigers. Do NOT be an idiot who lets an animal gets instinct in your lifetime. I have received several text messages, emails, invitations to groups on Facebook and any other group I belong to. I see ads on tv with famous people wearing tshirts saying “save the tigers”.

I just have one simple question – HOW?

Somehow, in all the conversation and planning the ad campaigns, they forgot to tell us how. I cannot go out into the wild and bring a tiger home. I cannot set up a fence around the tiger. I do not go into the forests with a gun and shoot them down. So, how can me, a normal citizen, living in a concrete jungle, save the tiger? What do I do?

Because I really want to do something. Merely contributing money to yet another organization which says they help wildlife doesn’t really help.

So what on earth do urbanites like us taking up space do to save the tigers?

2 thoughts on “Save The Tigers Project

  1. Hi leia

    Well said. I have the same question as well. How can a common man like me help to save the tigers? Nobody seems to have an answer for that. All these celebrities coming on ad campaigns doesn’t make any sense unless they use their fame and status in the society to bring about a change in the system which I doubt they do.

    I consider myself to be blessed for having spotted this magnificent and majestic animal in the wild which i think is the most beautiful experience of my life.

    End of the day i do feel these voices should keep coming which will make the people in power bound to do something to preserve the species. Awareness is the key.

    Long live Panthera tigris.


  2. Hi KB,

    Sorry I seemed to have missed your comment somehow!
    But months later I wrote this post, I can tell you that apparently the way to save the tiger is contribute money. I still have no idea where the money goes but all these websites have a way to donate money. And yeah, spread ‘awareness’… so if you ever run into a poacher, apparently you need to tell him that there are very few tigers left and he shouldn’t kill them anymore.


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