The Monday Uniform

We’ve established by now that Bangalore’s traffic is bad.

Today morning I noticed a whole line of bikes standing in traffic. All the guys were dressed in crisp formal shirts, black or grey formal pants and black shoes. The Monday Uniform.

I couldn’t see any of their faces – good thing perhaps – but all of them looked incredibly smart from the back. Some of them had a hint of a tie peeking out, and backpacks. Probably men in marketing headed out for the day’s assignment. What is it about men in formal wear that makes so incredibly… interesting, if not hot?

The women on bikes were all hidden behind gloves, jackets, a stole and the helmet. And this is when summer temperatures are hitting 30s already. Are we so conscious about tanning that we would rather wear a jacket, gloves till the elbow, helmet covering the face and a stole and sweat through it in the traffic than saying to hell with it and enjoying that beautiful cool breeze while driving?

I realised I need to get a new helmet. The one I have feels like those things on a horse’s eyes… unidirectional, which means less whizzing between cars. And if i can’t do that – what be the point of using the bike?

Song of the day: Mama i’m coming home – Ozzy

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