Hours to the Hour

And I don’t feel much different.

I feel 16. Maybe younger. The older I get, it seems, the younger I think. Perhaps it is just a function of the feeling that time is running out… but there are all these things I want to do.

I feel young this year. I almost feel my age. And feel that it isn’t such a big thing to have lived 25 years ago. I’ve done things… more things than most people my age, even if I do feel it is inadequate.

1. I’ve visited 4 continents. True, I lived in Chicago only for a few months or less but I did see the Niagara Falls, did a road trip through Indiana (parents’ friends’ fault!) and hey! I lived in Hyde Park.
– Italy was only a vacation but how many people can claim to have seen the Colosseum, traveled in a gondola, seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa and much power
– Let’s not even touch Australia and India.

2. I went on an archaelogical expedition, stepped into lands untouched by man (well, in about 1000 years. That counts right? Man has left his dirty fingerprints all over – I do mean that literally)

3. My name quoted as a reference source for something on Wikipedia (cheap thrills :-D)

4. I traveled alone.

…okay, now I feel a little stupid because I don’t seem to have done all that I wanted to. But then, life as I said, happens as you are ordering icecreams on those late nights, bitching about work; when you are witnessing a major accident right in your front yard and are dialling the ambulance even as you wonder if that guy survived; even as your screaming because you are being literally carried onto the dance floor by a guy you don’t know and don’t want to know… little things that make up memories.

I sat on a lazy sunday morning by the beach, sipping coffee and talking silly stuff with a friend. I walked home on New Years day and i saw my first sunset ever. I discovered photography lying in a dark room. I cooked inedible food that my roommates ate without complaining.

Fine! There are things I want to do. A long list of things:

* See the Taj Mahal (disgraceful to have been living in the same country and never have made it up there)
* Learn to play the guitar (though I can’t sing to save my life)
* Have a photograph I shot published in the NGC (Whew)

… to be continued in peace after the event.

Song of the day: Row Row Row Your Boat 😀

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