The Princess

Princess she was called.

But she wondered why that was her name. Everyone had a title and so did she, but she never felt she fit the role. She wore slippers of silk and robes studded with diamonds. She never had to worry about losing the rubies in her tiara or the wallet filled with notes.

Nor were the gardens and the flowers to be planted her concern.

Like she didn’t have to worry about cleaning her room, having her car serviced, paying her insurance on time, or having to shop for groceries.

No, she did not have any of those concerns and worries. She was the princess.

So she often sat in her room and wondered – why was she the princess when she did not have anything to do?

Why was she the Princess when no one allowed her to make her decisions? Why was she the Princess when everything she did was fodder for the press and everybody believed only the worst of her?

“Your job is to tell other people what to do and how to do it,” her mother said.

And when she started doing that, she realised that she would rather do all the other chores and leave that one little task to someone else.

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