A few more hours before I head to work… it is a little good and a little bad that my week starts when everyone else’s first day has ended. The good news is there are clouds hovering and I hope for a thunderstorm. It wouldn’t be the first rain of the season, it would hopefully be the first storm of the season.

Much needed relief from the heat in the city. 38 degrees today, apparently. One degree more than yesterday and 2 more than day before. And I can never remember Bangalore being this hot. It is the result of chopping down more than half the trees in the city and adding more vehicles I guess.

When I do look at the city now, I wonder if we really needed the metro. Least without more planning. Though we build it to make the traffic bit easy, considering the metro takes up half the space on the roads, how on earth will it really help traffic? People need to be educated about how owning a big car isn’t the only way you can show off your money. This is India, after all.

And while we are at it, why couldn’t we have had an underground metro? The Brits did the drainage which we still use, so i’m sure it is fairly efficient. And with all the time it has taken, not to mention the money, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind waiting another 6 months if the work had been going on for an underground metro.

My full week seems to be pushed a little ahead because of red tape. Plus the heat made me lethargic and didn’t want to do anything. Now with the rain, Yay!! I don’t know why but the rain just makes me all hyper and energetic. And Bangalore looks beautiful in the rain. Yes I know – the roads get flooded, the drains get clogged and there is sometimes rubbish floating down the road as well. But with the sheen of rain, I tend to overlook all of that. All I see is the people huddled under whatever cover, standing at road side tea stalls, sipping on hot chai and waiting for the rain to stop. Or kids skipping in the rain…

Of course the days of paper boats and hide n seek in the rain is long gone.

But perhaps the charm of the memories still remains.

Song of the day: Rain on Me – Ashanti

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