Sex N The City

I watched the movie again with a few friends this time.

The last time I watched it, I thought it was lame. I loved the sitcom. I could identify with those women and sometimes when I watched it, it would have those little nuggets of wisdom perfect for my life. But in the movie, I could see nothing of what made it so popular. The dresses were lame, the shoes were lame, the women – with the exception of Samantha – looked old and used up (a little ironic, cuz Sam is the oldest of them all in real life).

And while I was watching it this time I realised why it seemed so lame – because it seemed desperate. SNTC was about these 4 fab women living it up in NY. They seemed like us, even if they wore designer shoes that we couldn’t afford. They had bad dates, met horrible men they forced themselves to date, they met great guys whom they couldn’t date and they had friends who stood by each other to laugh it all off.

The movie seemed… ugly. It showcased the ugly parts of a relationship without the buffer of a cosmopolitan. The cheating, the insecurities, the struggle for identity etc. No wonder women didn’t want to watch it.

And the fashion… it was like watching those women from the 70s all over again. Birds on the hair, poofy sleeves, sheath dresses for women whose boobs needed support. SNTC might not have set the runway on fire but there were shoes and dresses a normal like me would lust for. But this was just plain sad. With the exception of Kim Catrall aka Sam.

I never take to women like Carrie, or Rachel of Friends fame (or Jennifer Aniston either). And now apparently, there is a sequel to the movie as well, like the first one wasn’t a disaster enough. Are the studios running out of ideas or what?

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