Twenties Girl

My share of chick flick reading – which I mainly do online.

Twenties Girl

I liked Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series enough to go buy one of them for a friend, from whom I can always borrow it. And when I saw Twenties Girl I was tempted to pick it up. In a way, I am glad that I didn’t. Mainly because when I start reading these books, they always seem a little lame to me… and only if I am really bored and continue till the end, I’ll shrug and say “yeah well, it didn’t suck as much”. Or maybe they get better in the end.

TG is one such book. You plain hate the leading character – Lara – to start off with. I did. She was a little flaky and like typical Kinsella leads, with everything around her crumbling. Except with Becky Bloomwood from the earlier popular series, you liked her. Some of us even identified with her. And you were rooting for her.

But with Lara, I wanted to knock her on the head and say “get going”. Short story – she is running a headhunters agency with her friend, who has deserted her. Her family’s does not have any adorable quirks that makes you laugh and embrace them. She ends up at a great-aunt’s funeral and discovers great aunt’s ghost, Sadie, who is hunting for a chain. So great aunt chases this girl through various scenarios, making her hunt for the necklace… making Lara dress up in the 20s garb which seems a little silly because the great aunt seems sharper and funner than Lara. But she does and Lara does…

Lara simply lacks the carefree attitude mingled with a little bit of responsibility of Becky. She just seems weak. Not adorable with some… faults… that you could shrug off. Just weak.

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