Surreal Sunday

Hey! I like alliterations. Sometimes.

Sunday was action packed. In contrast, sunday was fluid. And extremely surreal. I wanted to relax… lay back and watch a ton of bad tv. But my family had lunch plans, which meant I had to get my act together and go along. I figured I would finish up some work as well after lunch, meet friends and then head off to dinner with more friends.

Of course, by the time I made plans, it was evening and all I could get done was buy new shoes. I did manage to find the perfect “everyday” use shoes, with the right amount of heels, the right kind of heels, the right amount of comfort, in black, without a lot of bling. And dirt cheap too. Yep, it is quite tough to find shoes that I like these days, particularly as I have tiny feet and do not appreciate too much bling on my feet. Or anywhere else for that matter, but that is a different topic. The guy has even agreed to ‘customize’ some of the shoes and boots I want – I’m not sure if he was merely flirting or he meant it – but I do mean to go back and see what I can get.

But in the short half an hour it took to find my shoes, the skies had opened up. I wouldn’t have  minded a walk in the rain, except a) I had my camera in my bag. b) I was wearing a dress. A sheath at that because it was super hot about half an hour before. So I huddled in the doorway of some shop and enjoyed the rain. By the time my friend got there, she was completely soaked.

We waited till it slowed a bit and figured we’d go get some hot chocolate. Except, the cafe we went into did not have hot chocolate. What kind of a cafe does not serve hot chocolate?!? The one that doesn’t have too many customers apparently. So we decided to go to another cafe which I was sure would have hot chocolate. And not much crowd.

There is nothing more comfortable than a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, warming you up while it is raining cats and dogs outside. All we lacked was a little bean bag to curl and sleep on.

But as we sat there and chatted, my mind wandered to the little couple sitting behind us and I realised with a start that The Boy might walk in any minute. Since that minute, a part of me was constantly jittery about it, with an eye on the door.

I cursed myself and tried to pull my mind back to the conversation with my friend, but every few minutes, I would trail off. It was irritating… How exactly would you split a landscape, particularly as they belonged to both even before the relationship? Does the end of a relationship mean one of us keep out of a place that we used to hang out at earlier? The memories are there in any place I go to. Most of the places I hang out at actually. But that is something I’ve gotten used to… something I’ve gotten past.

But this… was plain weird. Did I want to see him? What would I say if I did? Finally, unable to bear this frustration further, we left in the rain.

And I dreamt of him. I guess I should’ve known I would. But it was still a surprise, particularly as I fell asleep quite early in the night as i was reading a book. It was one of those ‘the sky can fall on my head’ times and there he is – in what was a weird dream to start with.

I’ve accepted the end. So now comes dealing with the aftermath and I realise I’m as unsure about that as I was with being in it.

Song of the day: Dr.Jones – Aqua (what the hell it is a monday!)

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