When those old friends walk back into your life…

You wake up one morning and have no clue that there are pieces of your past about to walk back into your life. Those pieces that fluttered out without leaving a sign. And then you finally managed to set your life moving without those people. And just when you thought it was cool, they breeze in.

They breeze in only to say hi. They aren’t here to stay and they are definitely not going to be around for anything else either. Common courtesy would require that you respond likewise. You both meet, say hi and share some amusing incidents and move on.

But I am finding it a little weird to make the jump from close friends to non to a sort-of-for-now and back to non.

I have friends who are not in touch every minute. But when we talk, there is concern and friendship. When I call them in need, they respond.

So when the butterflies came back in, I was wondering how I should react. I do not have the patience to explain the difference between who I was then and who I am now, particularly since they aren’t really interested. This is a duty call and so it should be treated. It is like that far off cousin of yours who calls once in 3 months to fulfil the family obligation of “call”.

How should I treat these people who breeze back in to ‘just say hi’ for the sake it. Not out of any real interest… if you really start talking about anything, there would be snores from the other end of the phone. When common interests have withered away, along with any caring, what else is left to talk about?

Recently, a friend who called me (and usually calls me when she needs something) got a little annoyed because I didn’t have the patience to do the small talk till she told me what she wanted. But hey! why waste time when you don’t care and I am busy?

Cold blooded? Perhaps. But I would do small talk with people who’ve never known me better… with whom I can discuss only the latest movie on the billboard and have a blast about it. I will talk personal with those people who really care, regardless of who and where we are. With those who have wandered away and just want me as a number, I really do not know what to say.

Here is something I came across on one of my fav sites – 10 reasons to avoid talking on the phone.

Song of the day: Telephone – Lady Gaga (Check out the official version of the video. Very Gaga-ish. The version I posted is quite lame that way but that was all YouTube allowed me to post)

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