What do I write about today?

There is a faint whisper of melancholy which has begun to irritate me. I have begun to realise the meaning and the futility of a “rebound” relationship and wonder why people do indulge in it. And the realization has effectively dissuaded me from pursuing any such thing. Which is perhaps a tragedy, but better a tragedy than a farce.

I am getting a little tired of myself and the constant speculation about ‘what happened’ and the pain of missing someone. I mean get over it already is what I’d like to tell myself. But, apparently, even between my mind and heart, there is a considerable distance… like the distance between saying it and actually being able to do it.

The “long weekend” has been rather unfruitful, mainly due to my own laziness or tendency to procrastinate. Now, it is sunday and I wonder what the hell I can get done in this one day. Quite torn between just letting it all be and lazing around; or frantically running around getting things done.

Indecision plagues me… to the extent of picking my deodrant. They didn’t have my regular brand, so I ended up picking two (though in my defence, they didn’t have testers so I had no idea what would smell good on me or not. And after already have picked up one – Reesomething – don’t pick it up – I didn’t want to make a mistake)

This is a life lesson – when you undecided, you end up picking up too many things and most of it tends to be things you do not want.

Good news – I finally entered this mega photo contest where I really do not have a chance to win. Merely looking at the awesome photographs in it make me realise that. But I still shelled out 2 grand and entered the fricking contest… you can see the link on the top right hand side of the page. So now I need to popularize it and have people vote for me. This is the link. Go for it!!! I’m not bad, even if not brilliant – yet. I was seduced by the promise of “prizes” and “portfolio” and all that shit.

I really do need to get around to making my own website for my photographs. And yeah, improve my photographs before that and get over this ‘no photoshop’ hangover I seem to have when the rest of the world take mediocre photos, clean it up on photoshop and voila!

I need do hit the refresh button on my life.

Edit: To start with, how is the new template? (Com’on lemme know you are here!)

Song of the day: Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall

(Yeah I know I should post the video but somehow… I wanna link it. It is all the same anyway, right?)

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