The Bro Code

So yeah I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. The people are quirky and fun, there are no jokes that would require my mother to be out of hearing range, and they have a nice group of ‘normal’ friends. After Friends, I guess this is one of those few sitcoms where are there a few situations (slightly exaggerated of course, it is television after all) that you can relate to.

And so I finally found The Bro Code. (I would link it but I’m not sure if it is supposed to be online. It is on Scribd anyway). And I began to think of what would be in my bro code, if I were to write it? Or should it be called the… homie code? Cuz hey guys and girls and all that. Anyway, the usuals hold… you know like:

* Thou shall not date the ex of a friend
* Thou shall not say anything bad about a homie’s clothes, shoes or anything else in front of a… non-homie
* You shall listen to whatever the friend wants to vent about, as long as the friend buys you your choice of beverage/food
* You shall not crib about helping a friend to move (I really wondered if this one should be there… but then, I can’t be too selfish)
* For the girls – you shall go shopping with a friend when it is an emergency, regardless of how broke you are
* Be truthful – if the hair cut sucks, if those pants make you look fat, if that shirt makes you look gay – you say it (I Really wish more people would follow this actually!)
* You’ll be nice to the girlfriend/boyfriend but under no circumstance are you expected to socialize with them one-on-one. Regardless of if you like them or not…

oh yes… this is frivolous! But it has been so long since I wrote such silly stuff. So add your two pence while I finish up with some other things which should be a general code:

– One should not be allowed to wear underwear on the beach as “swim wear”. Buy swimming trunks.
–  Indian women who have big asses should not be allowed to wear narrow pants and a frilly top. (Don’t get me wrong. Indian women are absolutely gorgeous but those skinny jeans are made for women who are built like sticks, not people who have an ass and flesh)
– Nobody should be allowed to make someone laugh when you are eating those big golgappas on the roadsid. If they do, they deserve to be spewed all over
– People who do not wash their hands after finishing their business in the loo should carry around hand sanitizers and offer to whomever they’ve shook hands with or used the keyboards off.
– People on the road who choose to drive at 10 km/hour in the middle of an empty road should be lifted bodily to the side of the road and their keys should be taken away.

Hey! This is fun! 🙂

Song of the day: Sting – Brand New Day

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