A Government Office

The government office – maybe it is movies, maybe it is the few trips down to that part of town – but the image in my mind was on the lines of “ugh”.

It was perhaps the attitude, the building and the dinginess. But after having spent the past couple of days around them… I believe that we are on the fast track to the 21st century.

Of course, I am visiting other departments than what I was at 4 years ago… and the ones I am visiting are known to be a little better off anyway.

Like, they have computers  now! And they looked as good as the ones I have at work. Plus, the guy was watching a movie online – something most IT company employees would hesitate to do.

Yeah, the faded rickety tables, the pale yellow walls that some guy in history deemed “soothing and efficient,” the paper-loaded tables still exist… but the walls aren’t painted red with paan marks and they manage to find that exact piece of paper from the pile without needing centuries.

But one constant remains – the sleepy expressions.

While I was waiting, that is how I distinguished between the people who worked there and the visitors. Their movements are languorous, like they are on vacation… except the expression on faces is eternally bored.

Well, as long as they are helpful.

Photo of the Day: A slight change from the videos. I love this photo… the VW Beetle (it looks really cool ONLY in red), the composition of the picture…

two zero nine: Beach or Bust by Anna Gay

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