On The Road…

Rain. Guitar. A warm cafe and a glass window.

Bangalore does look beautiful through these doors. I wish I could sit here always, let myself float and not think about all those amazing things I had planned and didn’t happen.

Hindsight is a bitch. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Today I miss the girl that used to be me. At 16, when everything was a lark. At 21, when everything was an adventure. At 23, when I felt grown up. At 25, I feel a little beaten and a lot pissed and I really don’t like feeling this way.

Of course, the wiser ones will tell me that how I feel is absolutely in my control. But hey! I am only human… It was easier when I had a cleaner and a smaller slate… without so many conflicting ideas and ideaologies. Without trying to live the ideas that suit other people and they told me that it would suit me as well.

Okay I did not mean for this post to be maudlin. Violins bore me and they’ve been constantly playing in my head driving me mad.

Anyway… so if you are reading this, cheer me up and tell me of one funny thing that you know of or you think is funny…

One thought on “On The Road…

  1. I ‘ll tell you my own joke to cheer you up, if you don’t find them humorous, then don’t sue me for boring you.


    You know how in Australia there is this multicultural/multi language free to air TV channel called SBS (special broadcasting service). When the channel shows the world movies (in language other than English) they put subtitles.

    So, few years back, I was in Griffith Uni. Then, I was sitting with two German guys with whom I was doing a group assignment.

    Of course, as you know with group assignment meetings, we had some disagreements, and both the German boys started arguing with each other in Dutch. It went on for some five minutes, then I could not control myself and just said “Guys this not SBS, this is real life, and real life has no subtitles”.


    If that one is not funny enough try the other one.


    I use NATO phonetic alphabet when I am on the phone, I reckon that makes me look cool in front of people who overhear me. So I am always like B for Bravo, H for Hotel, A for Alpha.

    Once my boss heard me pulling that NATO phonetic alphabet shit on a call with someone, he came to my desk and waited until I was done with the call.

    The first thing he asked me was- “How many years did you work in an Indian call centre to memorise that shit?”


    If thats not funny enough, check out couple of jpeg files in following links, I think they are genuinely funny, you might like as well. Or else, I’ll suggest you watch this movies ‘Lucky Number S7evin’, I just finished it and I reckon it was funny if you like dark humour.



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