So because the last few days have been a little blah, I want to end today with some funny posts…

Granted, there aint much funny stuff to write about… But I was reading this article about Google tying up with the booksellers in the US and offering e-books. Good idea. Google is everywhere already. And so the article went on to say that Apple and Kindle tie the people to their products and stores for a lifetime.

Yes, it is all about US. Because, i’m sure as soon as any of these things are launched in India, people will find a way to break it all into pieces. I love us sometimes.

But honestly, the e-book exclusivity concept evades me. I mean I buy a book from say Apple or Amazon. I read it. I love it or I hate it. And I tell my friends about it. And they want to read it but don’t particularly want to buy it. So should I lend them my Kindle? That is like lending my entire library to someone in place of ONE book. And knowing how many of the borrowed books have actually found my way back to me, I wouldn’t ever lend my book to someone on Kindle.

That simply erases one of the joys of reading. Can’t all those tech whizzes come up with some way of easing this business? Maybe they can arrange some way for the book to be in your file only for say… 15 days and then it gets deleted. As an author, I’d want people to read and share my stuff. And when you put restrictions, it just tempts people to break them. Which is how scribd gets so many uploads and readers.

People spend time in front of computers. They like to read. But like hell if they should keep what they read to themselves. That is carrying Apple’s secrecy a step too far.


I’m getting mails saying “find your life partner”. I have never yet opened one of these mails yet but I get one regularly for the past couple of weeks. Who are these people? How do they know I’m single or not? How do they know I’m not a 75-year old grandmother? Okay… 40 year old mommy. Who is spying on my mail? And why would they think I want to get married right now?

It is all very creepy. I so prefer the spam mails offering me ways to enhance my sex drive or other parts of my body, regardless of if I’ve have them or not.

Viagra is still the top spam word though. I was recently picking through this book at a friend’s place. “Confessions of a Viagra.. something”. A 29-year old gossip columnist wrote it… and he claims he took viagra for kicks (oh the readers this post will attract and their disappointment! lol). and then apparently he got hooked to it. I couldn’t read beyond the first 10 pages or so because he started talking in detail about how he got published etc etc… and i figured it was yet another of those frothy-sex-and-drugs book which was badly written. I loved “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey. Fabricated or not, it was powerfully written. But this was parody.

But do people do that? Take viagra for kicks? What is the world coming to if a naked body isn’t enough to achieve those results!


The results of a photography contest I had entered came out. I do like the photos of the winner but they all seem… so surreal. Gorgeous, yes. But fake. Unreal. And when you browse pages and pages of these, they all seem to blur in their uniform surreality.


So there are a bunch of movies piled up to watch again, outside my DVD collection (And a bunch of books too… as my books are still packed and I needed reading material, I ended up buying more books.)

There is Raavan – which i’ve heard mixed reviews about. The tamil version’s better than the hindi one, apparently. I don’t like Aishwarya and though I’ve always loved Santosh Sivan’s cinematography and Mani Ratnam movies, i’m not sure if I’ll rush to watch this but wanna watch it for sure.

Sex n The City 2 – yes yes, i’m a masochist. I hated the first movie. Really really hated it. Particularly Carrie Bradshaw… I never liked her in the sitcom either, though a lot of people compared me to her cuz i’m a journalist (was she? we both write) and I like shoes too (then again, what women doesn’t drool over that occasional pair of boots). Sam was my favorite… loved the way she lived her life. And then they had to go put her in a ‘steady relationship’ and all that it entailed. Blah! Miranda I could tolerate. And the other one.. never mind. This was in the sitcom. And the movie was just soo… desperate. 40-something women pretending to be 25. Except for Sam. And after reading this review of the movie, I know it’ll be a disaster. But i’m still gonna watch it. on DVD.

The Karate Kid – Loved the original. wanna see this. Finito.

Rajneeti – yes. bad reviews again. But it has Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Katrina Kaif (who looks so much like Sonia Gandhi… lol). Which means me gonna watch.

Shutter Island – I should’ve watched this eons ago. But thanks to the fricking Karnataka Film Board or whatever who’ve a stupid rule of releasing movies THREE months late… and the rationale behind this is that the move will help promote kannada movies. Duh!
*Rant alert* Note to those people – NOT releasing a movie does not make people watch kannada movies. it just makes them buy pirated dvds. If you really want to make people watch kannada movies, make good ones. With good looking people who can actually ACT and not have 50-year old guys with pot bellies playing the roles of 20 year old college boys and romancing actual 18-year old girls. That perhaps borders on something illegal. Oh and also please get rid of those horrible stereotypes where the good girl wears the fricking sari/salwars or those long skirts and the “modern” ones wear horrible ‘trendy’ clothes. And the stereotype of making all the women in love wear saris. Oh yes, I admit there are some movies where they aren’t followed but they are few and far in between… the only person who manages to carry any of this off is Ramya. Else, the actresses go the actors way now and put on oodles of weight the minute their first movie is done. what is with what?

There are some other movies that I meant to watch and now are long forgotten. Sigh. Wish there was a kick-ass action movie… the sort where Anjolina Jolie really kicks some ass… Wanted-types. Such a feel-good movie!

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