The 5-Year Plan

While talking to someone today, I realised those things called “five year goals”. The little lists we made on paper or in our heads.

Mine was rather simple… mostly written on the paper in my head, it ran a couple of lines, with a few bullet points perhaps. But as small as the list was, I forgot about it.

So when my friend asked “what was your plan when you got out of college?” I simply stopped for a minute. I had a lot of plans… but there was this firm plan of working for the BBC in like about 5 years. Or a company like that. Of course, I still have time to go but it is just bizzare remembering those things which were vital to my life plan.

Is it a wonder that I am confused?

Eyes on the goal formula really works I guess. Except, I ended up with so many goals, I constantly kept swivelling and ended up dizzy.

I’ve met people who are so absolutely focussed on something – which could be their heart’s desire. Or people who are focussed on the money, and don’t really have a ‘desire’ and if they do have something, it is deeply hidden. They make me feel a little incompetent, or at least, scatter brained… with all my schemes and running around and wanting to do a million things.

But they also make me wonder how they live… how they get on from day to day without that something special to look forward to at the end of time? True, I would require several lifetimes to do all that I want to do. But once I perhaps identify a couple of things in this lifetime, it would be an interesting few decades.

Who makes up all these rules anyway? Job continuity without any ‘gaps’ in between. Showing initiative etc etc. Shouldn’t creativity and reliability be prized more than a person who has been slaving away regularly for years without anything much to show for it?

Anyway, photo of the day: Found this in an old old old issue of Life magazine… loved it. If you want the real magazine, check out here.

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