Growing Up

Finally got done with season 5 of How I Met Your Mother.

Short review – it aint so hot. Perhaps it was the fact that there aren’t that many ted-scapades with ‘is this your mother’ scenes, or Robin and Barney hooking up – spoiling the best footloose kid image i’ve seen for a while, or that Robin and Lily look a little washed out – the entire thing seemed a little tired. The jokes weren’t as sharp, the catchphrases weren’t used enough and in the right places, or the Barney jokes were just yuck… everything that defined the sitcom seemed a little shallow now.

Anyway, there was a bit of a ‘hmm’ moment when Robin says in the last episode that she constantly seems to be juggling career and love life.

It sounds so familiar. A few years ago, I met an Indian-American couple. They met in uni and the girl traveled after they graduated while the guy went back to the US.

“A lot of my money went on phone calls,” she laughed. Now they were married and settled in a completely different continent.

I was 21 and it seemed that these things were possible routinely. That as long as people were willing to work towards it – and why shouldn’t they – this was so very possible. A piece of cake. But now it seems like you either can have the cake or you can eat it, particularly if you want a slightly unconventional lifestyle like I do.

The glow is wearing off those tinted glasses and I’m getting a little cynical. People get more conventional and settled as they grow older. The early 20s ideas about traveling and wanting to see the world or be a musician are put away in memory boxes and formal trousers replace jeans. It is perhaps a part of growing up. But isn’t it sad that we have to give up on the adventure in us to do that. And why should we? Isn’t there a way of making both happen?

Perhaps I am being Marshall and wishing for that one last burger before I have to accept that I am grown up… and that involves being a particular way. And includes making choices that aren’t so nice at all.

I am beginning to believe that I was truly born in the wrong age.

Song of the day: Sandi Thom – What If I’m Right (I wanted to post I wish I was a punkrocker, but apparently I have done that before)

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