Words make things sound cooler

Haven’t you always thought that something sounds so awesome when you are reading about it and when you face the thing, it is a bit of a let down? Good writing, combined with some vivid imagination makes the world a much better place than it really is.

Wait, you already knew this? Oh well… let me catch up then.

I was reading a novel today and the character there was described as a result of a mixed heritage. Everything from the looks to the temperament was attributed to heritage. And the heritage was described awesomely enough to make you feel a little wistful and say “I wish I were Italian.”

So I began to wonder if I were to describe some of the people I’ve met, would it make them sound equally awesome?

Scenario 1: She hailed from the smogy lands of Singapore, with fast cars and faster cabs. The city never slept, which suited her to a T, because she rarely did either. There were always pockets of exotic food, an outlet for every desire and craziness man had witnessed or wanted. She was short, and wore her hair in a cap. People would often dismiss her as a child as they passed, taking in the red converse shoes and baggy pants. But the eyes spoke a different story… brown, big and so very adult, tired of all the things she had seen.
The weekends were for flat shoes and baggy pants. The weeks were for sharp-heeled shoes that were fakes of the expensive ones in the shop windows on the way to work, suits pressed sharp and the hair… well, there was nothing she could do with it. And she liked the contrast. It put people at ease and she could easily move in for the kill and make a deal.

Sounds good eh? A Singaporean marketing consultant is the reality.

Scenario 2: This was his second day in a plane. He ran a hand over the slight beard, grimacing and reminding himself to shave before he got out of the airport. Two days in a plane was nothing really new to him. He passed several time zones and never wore a watch because, well, it just couldn’t keep up. He was 50, but could perhaps pass for 45 and he didn’t give a damn. Right now, all he thought about was the plant at the place he was headed to. And a cold beer on his front porch, with his wife by his side. His face softened a little as he spoke about her. “Alida. We’ve been married 25 years,” he said, a little proud.
He came to this land with his wife, a baby on the way and dreams of building something big. Fixing cars was all he really knew but he figured the rest would fall into place. So he came here, with other Arabs, Indians and Chinese, wanting to make a land where the white men had already made theirs. He was a little worried about his Muslim heritage. “But my wife was good,” he says.
He owns two cars and three plants that fixes cars. Two daughters and a son to his name as well. Life has been good, he says and thanks god.

An Arab guy working in Australia.

Okay… these stories are wonderful. The people are wonderful. But even the most common person can appear fantastic by mere courtesy of words. Oui?


Remember that game we used to play in school?

When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

Well, I created my own domain for my photoblog today. You can click on the link on the right side and it’ll redirect you. I am also reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for the first time. I watched Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother for the first time.

3 things is good for 3 days, oui? What did you do?

Photo of the day:

Presence, originally uploaded by Paul Cush.

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