In which I start photography classes

A roomful of people who love cameras and all that it involves. 3 hours of how the camera works and more.

I am officially in love with my photography class. I never realised how much I loved photography and everything it entails till I sat in the class and realised that there were a bunch of other people around who loved the same things and I learned all new things about what I could do with the camera. And nobody would start rolling their eyes (well… not yet anyway)

I had put this class off for so long, sometimes with fear that I would find out I am not good enough and then for lack of time and then for other reasons. But hey! I’m doing it now! It isn’t just the camera and what you can do with it that is fascinating, it is the history. Yeah I probably did yawn when he talked about how it evolved and stuff but when he pulled out a little box of a camera which was about 90 years old, I was hooked. So many types of cameras, so many styles and ideas.

The people are a mix of profesionals and the curious. It is a basic course so I guess I already knew some of what he said. As he went on, I realised that I have been involved with photography a lot longer than I thought I had.

When someone asks me how long have you been into it, I’d automatically say a few years. Since I got my hands on my friend’s digicam in Australia. He wasn’t too eager to document every little thing around him and was quite happy to let me have it for most part. I took more and enough photos… the bizzare, the people, the moments, the things… I learned the importance of backing up data and how it feels to lose that data. I got my own digicam for Christmas that year. A simple Canon Powershot. I didn’t know about shutter speeds and apertures… but I knew what worked in what light, when the photos would be blurred, when there would be crystal clear images and the simple glow of the candlelight.

Then there was the blog… the phone camera… and then, finally the SLR.

The SLR cannot be considered an awakening. It was more of an acknowledgement. And the fact that I had money to invest in a camera. And perhaps if film was still the way to go, I wouldn’t have thought so much about it. It is expensive to shoot on film… even though I try to hunt down analog cameras and shoot now. I do have a job, after all 🙂

But when I go back before that… I pestered my mom to give me the camera when we were out. It was fascinating to read about Hasselblad and Leica. So here I am… finally at the photography class where I realise I know some of what he is talking about and there is so much that I don’t know.

I want to learn the art of composition. Post processing is coming up slowly and it is easier to learn about that. There are plenty of sites that can teach about photoshop. And perhaps about the other aspects of photography as well but it is much easier and fun to learn practically, with other people with similar interests.

It has been so long since I’ve been excited about something like this. I guess I’ll always be a bit of a nerd… loving classrooms and learning something new.

Photo of the day:

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