The iPhone and I

Or perhaps this should be titled “One day with my iPhone”

So I finally gave in and got an iPhone.

And I started hating it pretty much from the moment I got it.

Why? *Deep breath*
no multitasking, crap battery, no speed dialling, msgs in little bubbles like it is a chat, all restricted apps, everything done through itunes, no customization of ringtones, or message tones, or alarm tones, no way to set different profiles like “silent” “for work where only messages can blare but the phone ring is a gentle beep” or “i’m partying so hard that I’d need drumrolls to get through to me profile,” and you cannot send any of those photos taken at the party via bluetooth to your friends or to your computer.

And did I mention the crap battery? And how about now all my friends have the same ring tones. But that doesn’t matter anyway because when it is silent or blaring, and at work i’m usually on silent, it so doesn’t matter what on earth you have as the ring tone.

So I managed to convince myself that I still love it and there are over “1 lakh apps” for this. Unfortunately, the most useful apps are for jailbroken phones (which I can’t do because I’ll lose my warranty otherwise). Does Apple really design this phone minus the most important features so people have to download these apps, some of which you have to pay for? Isn’t it enough that I am shelling out 35 grand for a phone to start with?

What’s more… if you want a warranty, your phone is locked in with one particular service provider, even though you pay the entire price unlike in the US, where you at least get a subsidy over a two year contract. After that they don’t care who you use the phone with.

So my friend asked me – why did you want to buy the iPhone?

And all I could think of was “it was so pretty.” If I could’ve pushed myself off the tallest building at that point, I swear I would have.

Of course, even now the interfaces are quite seductive. I mean… I am looking at the Xperia, which I must admit is far superior… a better camera, better battery, multitasking and no need to load itunes to do every little thing… and then i think “iPhone” and go all gooey again. Yuck! Even now, when I managed to return the phone, I want it back… despite knowing the million issues.

I know I will want to update my phone soon. Oh there are so many gadgets… which to pick? which to pick?

Is it really worth buying an iPhone to say “its so cool”


Edit: A friend of mine points out that all the things I mentioned here are very “banal” and not really important. Perhaps it isn’t important to have customizable ringtones and message tones, perhaps it isn’t important to have different profiles.

But the battery and bluetooth? Those are important! Extremely important. And if the only way I can conserve battery is to turn off wi-fi, 3G and everything else this phone is known for, what is the point? Okay, this is an issue with most smart phones. I am tempted to buy the iphone… there are ways to fix most of the problems I mentioned I know… I am lured by the thoughts of Shazam and Hippstomatic (or whatever that photo app is) and google voice and online chat and all of that. But I guess I’ll hold out another year or so and wait for Steve Jobs to completely realise what other little things “banal” people like me want.

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