I have ten short minutes and so much to say. Where do I start?

It is the end of an era. So many changes. I am 25. And fittingly, I am having a quarter life crisis. As a part of that, I quit my job. And did a few other things which have an indirect impact on me. There is no going back and changing things now. And all I want to do is hide inside my closet or pull the sheets over my head and sleep, so that when I wake up it has all sorted itself out.

But that isn’t the way these things work, so I wake up early and I am having quite an active life.

Most of that is photography. The classes are really fun. I never realised how much I love capturing those images. Well, I realise it everytime I start clicking actually. And I realised it isn’t always the situation that make it interesting. It is the people too. Like today, there were people and there were colours. The entire scene as a whole was quite fascinating. To see the bustle and the jumble and the noise and the smells and the colours. But when you start to pick them apart, they lost their fascination. It was bland and everyday and… quiet. Or maybe I was just sleepy and the smell was getting to me but I did not want to shoot any more flowers or textures. I wanted people… the laughter, the tears and the fun. I got it much at the end when a boy was extremely camera shy and his friends attacked him enough to finally get him to pose. Those moments are what I live for, though I get a thrill at capturing a building from a fascinating new angle.

I am on the brink of a mountain… and I wonder how I should jump. You see, depending on how I jump, I will land in a particular place. And it is freaky to make the choice. Funny… jumping isn’t so hard. The way to jump is what is scaring me.

Time out.

Photo of the day:

Junior Exec, originally uploaded by amulya.

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