So I am back from Mumbai… which you can read about here… I bought back an awesome bag, some tops and a cold from Mumbai. Don’t you love the shopping there, even if you hate the persistent rains that don’t allow you to shop? Oh well… good sides and bad sides. Like the time I could sit in Mocha, sipping wine and looking at the beach and enjoying some kick ass music. Why can’t Mocha here be like that? I do like the one here but it is just so lame… and the music always too loud.

I really don’t have much to say… Bangalore seems a lot tamer than Bombay right now, and a part of me likes it. But I also loved the franticness of Bombay. I got a few pretty shots in Bombay, though my camera mostly stayed in bag, thanks to the rain. I did get to meet a lot of old friends – the ones I hadn’t seen in years. Some people change beyond recognition and some stay so much the same. I love both of that. As I loved Costa Coffee. They don’t have the greatest hot chocolate but their “large” actually means cups as big as my face. Absolutely brilliant to hold on those cold, wet days.

In other news, my second piece got published on CNNGo. And when I see it, I realise how much my style has changed (and improved).

Blah… can’t think much to write about now. More laters.

Photo of the day:

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