Message in a bottle

I watched this movie years ago…. but a guy tossing out a message in a bottle and then some reporter getting it and trying to figure out who the guy is. Some mopey lovey dovey stuff which even perhaps won an award. In other circumstances, I’d have said yeah it is a nice story.

But I was just wondering today… does it work that way or do we just tell ourselves the universe conspires for us in a million ways?

I believe in destiny… and that a particular chosen path has certain destined things. I wonder what the path I’ve chosen would bring… because, right at the beginning I am hesitating. Sometimes, I could say “like always” but there is no precedent to this, so I can’t say it this time.

But wouldn’t it be a good way to get those answers? Throw the message in the bottle and hope that the universe answers.

When I was traveling a while ago, I left a novel on a train. I marked in ways only I’ll know and I left it there, figuring if the world was certainly circular, it would return to me. So far, I keep thinking the world is a small place. We can jump ponds but we are all in the same stream. I wonder, tonight, if I will ever see that book back. And what it will bring with it.

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