A Slow Day

How much trouble can a piece of stone cause? I mean… some of them glitter and some of them are covered in blood. But as I read more about the Charles Taylor story, I wonder what possesses mankind to do such horrible things for money.

The Naomi Campbell story reads like something out of a Martin Scorcese movie. And I guess the rest of the witness accounts also sound similar. Diamonds, drug lords, weapons, beautiful women and well… lots of money. And if this were a slightly more serious movie, they would also include the children with cut off hands, people shot to death and piled in groups… and much more.

It astounds me sometimes how stupid we people can be.


Some funny stuff about work… Have you worked in a place where there are very few women working?

I perhaps have… though I cannot consciously remember. If I have, it was probably in one of those places where it didn’t particularly matter.

But it does matter where I am currently. Not in the manner of interaction. The people around me are really sweet and anyway, I am rarely conscious about “me.”

It did strike me though when I went into the loo. (Yes it is going to be that kind of a post. Get out if you don’t want to hear it) It was super clean. Too clean. No tissues. No dust bin. And one of the doors stuck. It didn’t really didn’t matter, because nobody would use it. But I wondered who would be the right person to ask to fix these things?

In Australia or US, I would’ve approached the custodian. But in India, I’m not sure if that would work.

The other problem here – food. Having worked in a place where the cafeteria was two steps away for the past 3 years, I’ve gotten quite used to junk food, even if the quality of the food wasn’t that brilliant. If not for the café, ther was always food to be ordered in… KFC, McD, varieties of Indian and Chinese and versions in between.

So working at a place where you have to go out of the building for food is rather disturbing. I mean what is the point of eating junk food if you have to work for it?

Link of the day: 50 Examples of Urban Decay Photography (I found this particularly fascinating. Not everything is gorgeous and some are overly photoshop’d. But it is an interesting concept. Though I generally prefer people to shoot, there is something compelling about old places. They have voices and stories to tell that can be quite fascinating)

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