Today’s Rambles

There are several things that I discovered today. That there are funny things happening all around me and I just need to focus and look if I want to laugh.

For example, yesterday, when I was on my routine break walk I saw a woman walking towards me. She was quite tall and was wearing the most ugliest top I have seen in a while, matched with bell bottom jeans that even the hippie crowd would reject. And then she went on to team it with ankle boots in black. Made out of the material your school shoes were probably made off. Or the ones you wore to clean out the gutter.

Yeah, I guess it is mean to be laughing about her… So I headed back inside. And just as I was walking, I noticed my reflection in the mirror and realized I was incredibly tiny. Then I realized I just look at that because there was a man walking behind me and he was so huge that you could see his entire outline despite me being in front of him.

I guess I have a mean streak, what can I say?

When you sit indoors for as long as I have, every remote thing starts appearing funny.

Except for when I step into the basement… the basement in which several horror movies can be shot. I curse my liking for horror movies when I step into the basement.

It is quite large… and the times I use it, there are very few people around. Definitely no guards around. There are weird sounds, the steam escaping from pipes that insist on being left open in such basement. There is water dripping and puddles of water from I know not where that I hop over. And there is also a sliver of light… from somewhere.

So yesterday, I figure I have gotten used to all of this and can walk quite easily to my car. I should know better than to challenge fate or whoever it is that decided it was the right time for a power cut. Did I mention I was halfway across the basement at that point?

Ironically, this is the highlight of my day. FML.

In other news, I did try the Wolfram search engine today. It is sort of cool, though I haven’t figured it all out yet. Today’s a day for cartoons and holding on to patience.

Why are some days so much harder than the others? Why is it that some days you just do not want to get out of bed?

I am reading that Barnes & Noble put itself up for sale. I know this news has been around the block for a while now… just that I’m reading some extensive blogs about the move and speculation if this is the end of books as we know it. And I can think of only ONE thing in response – Does America realize there is a world out there beyond their shores? Do they care? Fine. Go ahead. Close your bookstores. Some guy in Indonesia will be able to get your books for half the price or free because you guys aren’t using up the paper… all those books will perhaps make their way to some other shores, where internet hasn’t made much of a headway, let alone fancy gadgets like Kindle.

Will these gadgets replace the traditional book? Will you carry a kindle in your backpack when you go trekking? Will anything ever replace the feeling of holding a new book in your hand? Okay scratch that last. I’m sure all that requires is an olfactory chip of some sort to be inserted and I’m sure Apple is working on it right now.

The largest book store put itself up for sale. True… the mom and pop stores will probably not run so effectively in the US anymore… but there is the rest of the world. Why on earth is everyone talking like it is the end of the world? I mean some countries in the world do not even have enough literate people enough to be able to read. By the time they catch up, it’ll be another few decades in the least. Not to mention availability of things like basic electricity, constant internet and access and the dough to buy gadgets like these. In India, in a developed city, Kindles and iPads are still rare. I would like to think of how cool it would be read my morning paper on the iPad while I’m sipping coffee… but honestly, if I spill coffee on the newspaper, it costs me 2 bucks to buy another one. iPad? Is it Coffee resistant?

(to be contd…)

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