Straight From The Heart

I was reading my old blog today and I realised that I wrote a lot better there. It was more from the heart, more personal and all those things why I originally started blogging. I got caught up with the whole drama of pretty templates and something else inbetween, and of course the realization that there were certain people reading my blog.

Being politically correct is such a pain and this isn’t where I have to do that. I do that in my job anyway. That is the balancing act of being objective everyday. So here, I should be allowed to rant, oui?

So I figured I’ll go back and delete all the boring posts on this blog which aren’t completely true.

And then I shall watch Aisha and review it. Yes, I’ve heard it is horrible. But I don’t know why… no one who has said it is horrible really told me why it was horrible. “It is boring yeah” was the general opinion. And considering this came from guys, I really wouldn’t consider their opinion. Aisha was supposed to be a chick flick… and I can’t find a single guy who like likes Clueless. It looks fun and frothy… just what I want. And I wouldn’t have imagined but Sonam Kapoor seems to be quite a good Alicia Silverstone replacement.

The Weekend Report – The Freedom Jam… the Jam that used to happen in this huge open-air grounds in the city was held over three days this time in several little places. I ended up only in the last part… at Kyra, which isn’t exactly my favorite place but whatever. And neither were all the bands I heard that awesome. Except for Agam, a band that plays Carnatic Rock. I didn’t think that genre could really exist successfully but apparently it does and the lead singer is simply awesome. I have not tripped over a live band so much in a while. I linked the site in the previous post so you can find it there.

There was also dinner at old, forgotten restaurants (where the food remains delicious I must add) and awesome dessert, sheesha with friends and more coffee. And yes, the nose ring.

The nose ring is not back. Least, not a piercing. But I was looking at this woman at a cafe who had a rose ring and I sort of missed mine. So instead of going through all that pain again, I got a clip on. It is tiny and shiny and slips off quite often but it suits my mood. And it costs only 2 bucks, so I guess I can buy quite a few and not really worry about losing it 🙂

Now, back to watching Princess Diaries 2.

Photo of the Day:

Pink and Orange, originally uploaded by Sofia Katariina.

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