Lazy movies…

It is a hazy day and through the sleepiness I look at sunlit pictures and somehow think of those movies that are made in sunshine. The warm,  yellow tinge on screens and screens of yellowing grass where the boy runs chasing his dog, or collapses in a heap of laughter with the girl he has just met.

Those lazy movies, which was gritty and dark, yet have an ease spreading through the movie that makes you feel you are in a dream. The movies like “Into The Wild” or “Mama Roma.”

Both of them were not particularly soft movies, ending with a rather depressing point. But right now, all I can recall of the movies are the cold mountains, the lush green spring, the hippie camp in a grassland, and boys playing on the outskirts of the town.

There are some moments in a movie that stick with you… right now, for me, it is all those movies such sunshine. And for some reason, all the movies that come to mind with such strong sunshine are… gritty movies. Memento… driving down some boulevard in bright sunshine. That moment where the action slows down before gunfire bursts.

Song of the day: Jethro Tull: Bungle in the Jungle

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