I never have as much fun as when I’m with my camera, a bunch of people willing to be photographed and they are all old buddies.

A mini reunion you could call it, and not an official one or with a purpose. The exclusive intent was to meet each other… and despite all the confusion regarding the venue, it was fun.

It is a little surprising that 5 years have passed since some of us saw each other. 5 long years… so many things we’ve done in that time. Many of them are married… some have kids. Some are single, some are somewhere in between. We didn’t really talk about college, surprisingly. It was all about work, hating work, frustrations of working, stories about weddings attended and missed, drama and other things.

We slowly lost all sense of time and space as we sat there, getting louder by the minute. Somethings never really change… the way we go back to those college style talk, noise and completely unconcerned about our surroundings.

Such a relief after the primness of working! It was a small, diverse group… and we are all doing something interesting. Quite an achievement from this bunch of ‘what the hell are we gonna do’ people! 5 years and going strong!!!

And looking forward to the next time we meet and more stories!

Photo of the day:

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