Step Up 3

Is a lesson why 3D doesn’t work for every movie that comes out of Hollywood.

If you love dance movies, you remember those movies like Take The Lead, Shall We Dance and of course, Step Up – The original one. It was a little bit of hip hop, some ballet and gritty and all about achieving your place in the world of dance – be it at a fest or at your university.

The tempo slowly built up… with some awesome music, intense moments between the lead pair and of course, some dance rehearsals between them as well. I loved the first one… the ballet and the hip hop mix. And the music. The beats. The tempo. And the chemistry between the leads, though Tatum probably did not have any training before the movie.

Step Up 2 was okay. Not quite the same angst… and the dancing style was a little different… but it still worked.

Step Up 3 now.. or 3D as it is called… fell quite flat. They never quite had that ‘alpha pair’. Was it supposed to be Luke and Natalie? Or was it Moose? I mean… Moose worked quite as a good sidekick with an awesome style of his own. And perhaps he would’ve grown into the centre role too… but Luke looks more of a front-page material. Ergo, Luke it was. Except… the guy didn’t really have those moves. Nor did Natalie, for that matter.

Doing a couple of knee bends and twists doesn’t make you a dancer. Moose had those moves. Not the other two. So there are no group rehearsals, the competition trails lack fire, the music is lukewarm by Step Up standards… and the story, as seen in 3 dimensions, falls a little flat.

Which is a pity because the space they had was brilliant. Vast, sprawling buildings for moves, for the space and the people. To show off and to improvise. I loved the train scene in Step Up 2. You see the zing only in the last scene mostly… with a costume of lights. And you catch a glimpse of what could’ve been in between in a water dance where Moose takes the lead.

Perhaps that was the problem… the lead pair didn’t fire. But the good part? The locations and backgrounds were awesome!

The story? Oh well, like that matters! But if you insist…

Moose is at NYU… discovers freestyle dancing show happening in the centre of the campus… shows off, beats the other guy, cops chase. Finds Luke who has a club and a troupe… except neither are doing well. Figure the rest… Oh yeah and you need a spy from the other team too.

One never watches these movies for the story. It is for the moves, the energy and the story about winning.

And the 3D glasses make it a little more disturbing. The movie didn’t even require those glasses to start with… it distracts you from seeing the group as a whole. Whatever the intent was behind making it 3D definitely blew past me.

PS: why do people come to movies to have a conversation? Seriously! There were two couples besides us at the  movie… college kids and they were talking. Talking. Conversation. And exchanging some voice files and giggling. I understand you might not have anywhere else to go but pick an empty row or whisper really really really soft! Or just shut up and make out instead of talking. Talking is for cafes!!! And yes, next time wear deodrant, wash your clothes and your socks before you get a seat next to me!

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2 thoughts on “Step Up 3

    1. I didn’t watch Clash of the Titans (thank god!) but I guess if Hollywood had learnt their lesson then, they really shouldn’t have experimented more. It isn’t retro-fitted… just that 3D works for some movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland where the whole nature and the plants and the action seems so much bigger in 3D. But in a movie like Step Up, either you go all out and make the dance moves in-your-face sorts… like it is happening all around you or just leave it like a normal movie. What is the point of 3D if all i see is some droplets floating by me or a single dance step move by me?
      A lot of movies are being converted to 3D after the success of Avatar and Alice… it simply doesn’t make sense! I wouldn’t mind watching Indiana Jones or Star Wars in 3D but why would I want to watch something like 27 Dresses in 3D?


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