Why Winter Rocks

After weeks and weeks of beautiful, pleasant, gorgeous weather… the heat is making its presence felt again. I had forgotten how it feels to sweat, to live in a place which isn’t made for outdoor cafes and day dreaming.

True, I spent much of that time trapped in a dungeon but hey! there are weekends and other times.

But now, in retaliation, the sun seems to be shining stronger than ever, almost like it is summer. You might ask now – isn’t this supposed to be about winter?

Well, technically, it is autumn. Though this city never had that season. But I like winter… I like dressing up in  bulky sweaters and boots. I love boots. I like warm cocoa and lying in bed reading a novel. There is that charm on summer nights too… but I want winter now… the lights of Diwali and Christmas.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a town where there was snow and I’d have to wear these kick ass trench coats and berets and scarves and gloves. And snow crunched under my boots as I walked home in Christmas lights. But then, I did do that in Italy… and honestly, with the wind freezing the tips of your ears, nose and even your eye lashes, it isn’t that much fun. True, it makes being indoors and that warm quilt more appealing… but I would settle for a minor winter. When the trees go bare… and after a while, make me long to see them bursting with red, yellow, white and purple flowers.

Winter is the time for festivals… maybe designed that way so you won’t get cabin fever or hibernate I guess. Winter is the season for boots and sweaters… for the winds howling outside my window and a novel with a few murders.

Photo of the day:

Photo at: Fabbrunette

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