This movie is an example of how even if you get a million things right and then mess up that one crucial point, you ruin the entire.. whatever it is that you are doing.

What is right in this movie?

Most of the plot, for starters. Jane Austen got it right quite sometime ago but the director decided he wanted to ‘tweak’ it. We’ve never got tweaking right but we’ll let it pass for now.
Most of the cast – you cannot go wrong with Abhay Deol. The supporting cast manage to do their part too.
The setting – Delhi, extremely rich Delhi. Brands

What goes wrong?
There are a few things actually but mostly, Sonam Kapoor.

The movie is a fun one. Yes, there are holes due to the aforementioned ‘tweaking’ of the original script. But one could overlook that if the main character was even half as charismatic as Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.

We needed two things – a bubbly, quirky, happy-go-lucky and stylish lead who could be all of that and still act. You know be like a girl who is quirky and yet, meaningful. The second was a high school setting. Or maybe an office setting. Somewhere where you had ‘groupism’.

Without the latter, the movie makes Aisha just looks bitchy and a brat who just wants to make use of others to look good. Without the first, it makes you want to tell her to grow up.

There are charming moments. In particular, Shefali. She is exactly what she is supposed to be… middle class, sweet and a little goofy. The best friend’s character is left undefined… bitchy and men-hater they say initially but then she ends up all mushy and just blah. A lot of what the movie stands for, much of the things Clueless had to make it work simply falls flat here or worse, makes everyone look bad because you don’t have a high school where it is important to be ‘cool’ or with the ‘in’ group. There is no valid excuse for Aisha to reject Shefali’s deewana, except that he is middle class.

The movie majorly stumbles in the second half, like the director suddenly lost focus and realised there is much to be told. So he doesn’t ever pay attention to the hot “girlfriend” of Arjun (Abhay Deol) and just pushes them from one relationship into another, culminating in Aisha having a whole moment of ‘self discovery’ and wanting to work. Deepika Padukone, for all her woodness, manages to pull of scenes of silent emotions. Sonam Kapoor has quite a distance to go to hit that point. Her silences in the movie don’t say anything… just make you blink and wait for the actors to appear.

The movie could’v been good. It has got the easy going factor, the people and everything in place. But the entire movie is such a flatline that you want to shut up the whining Sonam Kapoor and get some redbull into the movie so it gets bubbly and do what it is supposed to do – be stupid and make us laugh.

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