Response to Sathu

I got a comment on my post about “Back to Beef Talk.” I am not going to post that here because a) it is incredibly long and b) it is a chat conversation between someone named Sathu, who claims to be a hindu, and a Reshma Mahmud, who is a muslim as the name indicates.

The conversation started as a usual chat thing about asl and Sathu, who claimed to want to marry a muslim woman, went on to get abusive about meat eaters and how he hates muslims.

And yes, he calls women ‘unintelligent’.

Sathu, I will not try to convince you about the beef argument. What I portray here is merely my own point of view and I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long they do not try to force it down someone’s throat or get abusive about it, like you did.

But I have to say this… it has been repeatedly pointed out to me that ‘hindus do not eat meat.’ This is quite ironic… because only the bramhins do not eat meat and bramhins form a very very very small portion of the religion of hinduism. Bramhins aren’t forbidden to eat meat. They just don’t, because at some point during the caste system… maybe around the same time evils such as sati and child marriage and the system of the untouchables came into play, they fell out of the habit.

But the kshatriyas, vaishnavas and shudras and whoever came out of that… they are definitely meat eaters. You have all heard the stories about kings going out for a hunt and roasting the deer they caught. If you don’t agree with anything else, it is simple math of a section of a population.

What you are trying to promote, Sathu, is the exact same thing that has given hinduism such a bad name and led people to look elsewhere for religious salvation. You are promoting elitist hinduism, like the RSS an BJP, and trying to tell the world that hinduism is synonymous with not eating meat and brahminism. The concept of “Ahimsa” is completely different from what you understand. Cause no creature any pain is true… but the Vedas also give you chants to kill an animal with a whisper. True story.

Yes… you might be a hindu. but you do not represent the majority or the truth. Maybe you should go back and read those texts you claim ban eating meat. If they did, we would not have gods like Shiva, Kali and their avatars.

(Side Note: the lower caps on all the religions here isn’t a mistake. It is a question I am trying to answer… I believe in God, I believe in his forms… should religions be given such importance and respect as to warrant an uppercase? What do you think?)

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